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Beyond The Brown Bag! Women’s Day Special

It’s that time of the month… you know the drill? Right?!

The infamous bag of shame carries a stigma that we feel the urge to address this Women’s Day. Can you guess which bag we’re referring to? It’s a regular menstrual essential; a sanitary pad that subliminally screams guilt; surprisingly even in this day and age.

Tackling the taboo around menstruation is easier said than done. Every time a man or a woman shops for sanitary pads, the monkey mind works asking for it to be covered in a brown bag. If you miss following the protocol, hate trolls are what you deserve.

Is this fair?! NOT AT ALL! Since when has nature been looked down upon? It’s about time we recognize the monthly period flow for what it really is! A natural process women need to go through that prepares and separates them from men. 

So, let’s normalize by setting free the sanitary pad pack from the brown bag. Speaking openly on such a sensitive topic can help educating young women on basic hygiene around periods. You can do your part too, & help millions of girls ease their menstrual cycle and feel empowered.

The most minor period malfunctions such as; 

  • a red spot on the pants,
  • leaving out a sanitary pad pack on the dressing,
  • asking for a tampon at the shop counter or, 
  • a sudden advertisement on a period pad brand,

is unfortunately tagged as an elephant in the room. It’s about time we break the wheel & think BEYOND THE BROWN BAG! Let’s support the movement, and embrace femininity as we should know it! 

We hope our yearning of turning the idea of the BROWN BAG‘s unrealistic idea into a more authentic one succeeds. 

Drop your thoughts in the comments section below, we’d love to hear you out Kravers!

This article is inspired by and an extension to the campaign: ‘Brown Bag Syndrome’ by KhairKhwah