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Weather update!!! Pakistan is currently on high alert with weather changes causing wind-dust/thunderstorms and rain. As June hits panic around Monsoon starts to take a serious troll. This year-round it’s no surprise, but it’s important to remind ourselves to go through a quick precaution list as a refresher!

  • Rain & thunderstorms can cause panic. In such cases, people can get hurt. Keep a first aid kit prepared at your home & car to be prepared in case an injury takes place.
  • Lightning is sudden & deadly! It can strike within a blink of an eye causing fires, property damage, and fatalities. Seeking shelter indoors is a wise idea during a thunderstorm.
  • Be prepared for a power supply outage. Prepare an emergency kit with flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food, and water in case of power outages.
  • Thunderstorms can also spawn tornadoes, which are extremely violent. Learn all tornado warning signs and keep a list of places you can seek shelter at.  
  • Thunderstorms bring along strong gusts of wind. This can cause damage like uprooting trees, heavy billboards & banners randomly hitting causing harm & deaths too. Hence, we suggest you stay away from windows & entrance doors.
  • Rain can create slippery conditions. Roads, walkways, and patios all have an increased risk of accidents. Be careful when walking or driving under wet conditions, and ensure you have proper footwear and tires for your vehicle with good traction.
  • Continuous heavy rain can lead to flash flooding. This happens when there’s a rapid rise in water levels. In such circumstances avoid walking or driving on roads.  

The most important one is…

STAY INDOORS & ORDER EVERYTHING ONLINE stock up before it’s too late…


Stay tuned for more life-saving tips! Till then Krave On!