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Kitchen Essentials Your Kitchen Is Incomplete Without!

Beginners or experts, kitchen essentials never get old. You can never leave Krave Mart’s App without impulse buying, and, guess what? We’ve got a treasure trove of kitchen essentials to keep by your side. 

Scattered flour, cluttered counters, unpacked grocery, garbage lying is no longer a sight you’d ever experience. No matter how lost your kitchen looks, our list of kitchen must-haves will save your time any day or night on the go!

Handy Dandy – Kitchen Essentials

Work smart, shorten your meal cooking time! Steady these utensils & gadgets in your kitchen cabinets or drawers. These quick meal prep tools are a blessing to have: 

  • Shredder/Grater – Rs. 390
  • Stainless Deep Frying Strainer – Rs. 220
  • Peeler – Rs. 225
  • Aalu Masher – Rs. 199
  • Wooden Lemon Squeezer – Rs. 130
  • Kitchen Gas Lighter – Rs. 240 
  • Ketchup Botte Rs. 65
  • Measuring Spoon Set – Rs. 260 
  • Tea Strainer – Rs. 110 
  • Chapati Chimta – Rs. 110 
  • Silicone Oven Gloves/ Pot Holder – Rs. 160

Food Storage  – Kitchen Essentials

Leftovers or weekly meal prep? No matter what needs to be stored, at Krave Mart we have everything you need to keep away for use the next day or weeks later. Containers, zip lock bags, or ice cubes you’ll find everything you need & meets your budget!

  • Fay Aluminum Foil – Rs. 600
  • Fay Cling Film – Rs. 300
  • Microwave Friendly Plastic Containers – Up to Rs. 210 
  • Zipper Bags (small, medium & large) – Rs. 220 
  • Ice Cube Trays – Rs. 160

Disposable Cutlery  – Kitchen Essentials

Turn any last-minute surprise party from a disaster into a dream. Get yourself disposable cutlery to save time & the exhaustion that haunts your after party clean up thoughts!

  • Disposable Spoons (50 Pieces) – Rs. 169  
  • Paper Plates (25) – Rs. 210 
  • Disposable Cups (50) – Rs. 359

Garbage Disposal – Kitchen Essentials

Reduce the “ick” when disposing of garbage. Shop premium quality garbage bags to keep everything tidy in your kitchen.   

  • Trash Bag 30 Pieces Rs. 160 

Found something you need? Next time you hear the voice “What’s for dinner” on a hectic day, you won’t feel frustrated. We hope you’re considering these life hack tools, while placing your next order at Krave Mart.

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Makeup Under Budget

Looking for makeup under budget? Krave Mart’s Beauty & Cosmetics section is the right place for you and your loved one. It has affordable options that won’t break the bank. With an assortment that’s brimming with multiple products, there’s no chance you’ll leave the App without ordering something of your choice.     

Krave Mart always raises the bar when it comes to affordability as a convenience for our customers. Cheers to another opportunity; affordable beauty & cosmetics brands are now available for you to get the seasons glow!!!

Ready for a – pick me up? Here’s your gateway to look fabulous with makeup under budget!


Garnier has a range of face masks up to Rs. 400 which are affordable & effective. Each variety has a specific skin concern to target. You can choose from Vitamin C enriched, Charcoal with Black Tea & Algae extracts to firm & prep your skin before makeup. 


Always wear a primer underneath your foundation for a long lasting make up. Best low cost yet quality concealer starts from Rs. 1400. It’s Maybelline’s Baby Skin Lightweight Primer;  just the right one that glides onto the skin seamlessly.


Face up the perfect; pore less, finished face & slather a layer of foundation on the best bargain. Maybelline Fit Me Pore Tube worth Rs. 1000 is an option you can’t miss out on, it’s a premium brand loved by women of all ages, are you one of them smart ones too?  


Want the perfect concealed look? Try ELF 16HR Camo Concealer, it hides away all those stubborn blemishes under Rs. 1999. Get the flawless face with a single dab and conceal like a perfectionist.  


Contour or add a little warmth to your face with ELF’s Baked Highlighter under Rs.1299. Day or night it’ll make your face glow & remember; little goes a long way!


Brighten your face with rosy natural looking blush. ELF Blush Palette under Rs. 2599 is an economical option with 4 different blush tones you can play with. Get a different flushed look each time with this versatile kit by your side. 


Got an eye for affordable eye makeup? How about Maybelline’s range? Get a full eye lash with Maybelline Volume Express Colossal Mascara under Rs. 1199 and Maybelline The Colossal Kajal Pencil for just Rs. 650.


Lips don’t lie, and we have the best shades for you to speak your mind. You can never go wrong with Medora’s range of lipsticks in light and dark shades all up to Rs. 220! Long Lasting & pocket friendly lips are just one tap away!


All that make up calls for a setting spray or an alternative a good quality mist. Seal the deal with a Posch Face Mist – Rose Drop under Rs. 499! Afterall, your hard work deserves a good setting spray that must keep you glammed up for hours.  


No matter what skin type, always remember to take off your make up before bed every night. We suggest a good cleanser; Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Pink under Rs. 500 can clean away all those chemicals & dirt for a baby soft skin on the go!

So. all set to revamp your glam bag? We’re pretty sure you got through the usual snag of hitting your beauty goals with pocket friendly options. Don’t forget to get your hands on the newest and trending collection replenished exclusively for your love for makeup!

Visit Krave Mart & its social pages to order & drop off your thoughts. Stay tuned for more news & updates! 

Shehroze’s 5 Tips To Improve CRM | Ask A Kraver

Let’s start with an introduction. Who are you? Where are you from?

I’m Shehroze Shahid, working here as a Growth Analyst (CRM). I joined here as an Intern and paved my way up the ladder as permanent employee (they call it “Kraver” here). I look after growth channels, primarily CRM. My core is to develop and work on User Growth, Frequency & Journey Simulation. Hope you Improve your CRM practices by our blog – Shehroze’s 5 Tips To Improve CRM | Ask A Kraver.

That’s great! So what is CRM exactly?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential part of any successful business. It helps companies keep track of customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving customer relationships and driving business growth.

Interesting! Can you suggest 5 ways to improve CRM to help our readers?

Here are 5 tips to improve CRM that has been significantly helpful to me:

  1. Centralize customer data: Having all customer data in one place ensures that everyone on your team has access to the most up-to-date information. This can be achieved through the use of a CRM system or a centralized database.
  1. Personalize customer interactions: Using customer data to tailor interactions and messaging can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. For example, if a customer has a history of purchasing a certain type of product, you could recommend similar products to them in the future.
  1. Automate repetitive tasks: CRM systems often come with automation tools that can handle repetitive tasks, such as sending emails or making follow-up calls. This frees up time for your team to focus on more high-value tasks, such as building relationships with customers.
  1. Integrate CRM with other systems: Integrating your CRM system with other tools and systems, such as marketing automation software or accounting software, can help provide a more comprehensive view of customer interactions and improve efficiency.
  1. Monitor and analyze performance: Regularly monitoring and analyzing your CRM performance can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your efforts. This could include tracking metrics such as customer acquisition and retention rates, or looking at customer feedback to understand their needs and preferences.

By following these tips, you can boost your CRM efforts and improve your relationships with customers, ultimately driving business growth.

Krave Mart Enters Private Label Market – To Reach Sustainability & Profitability

Krave Mart entered the Private Label Market a few weeks ago, catering to the customer demand with respect to high quality products at affordable prices.

Krave Mart launched operations with 16+ categories, with 3,000+ products, housing 100s of brands. The product mix for the customer base ensured a mix of food and non-food items required in everyday life. This is where Krave Mart ventured into the Private Labeling initiative.

Starting off with basics such as daily spices and cooking essentials which included eggs and sugar, Krave Mart successfully launched 100+ private label products, aiming to give their customers premium quality products; packed with love.

Current private label products include:

  • Kdaily (Spices, Eggs, Lentils, Value Added Flour & Dry Fruits).
  • Kfresh (Fruits & Vegetables, Exotic range of F&V).
  • More products in the pipeline.

As a matter of fact, Krave Mart was also able to double its margins for these categories , which proves to be key composites for Krave Mart’s sustainability and achieving profitability in the current landscape.

“With 100+ private label SKUs live on the platform today and increasing, the backward integration has enabled us to significantly improve on our availability ratio, keep quality controls in check and double down on our margins to drive sustainable growth.” Ahsan Kidwai (Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer)

Krave Mart is by far the quickest eCommerce/online platform in the Region to launch a wide range of private label products and with this, they were able to cater to sporadic stock shortages, which is a common feature amongst certain grocery brands.

As Kidwai stated: “Venturing into the private label landscape was a strategic move, in an attempt to offer our customers the finest quality, phenomenal value, with convenience at their doorsteps!”

What is Private Labeling:

Private labeling involves championing procurement, sorting and packaging in-house and thereby selling it under an owned custom-made brand label.

Private Labeling comes with promising advantages which benefits organizations with:

  • Customer Loyalty: It instills the sense of belonging in the existing consumers as they feel part of the few that have access to the limited edition products; thereby increasing loyalty and sales volume.
  • High margins: Private labeling definitely yields higher margins as there are no branding and packaging premiums attached to the products being sourced directly.
  • Exclusivity: Private labeling gives complete liberty to promise exclusivity to customers in terms of branding, good marketing and creating its demand that in terms gives an edge over branded retail products.

Krave Mart believes in customer centricity and delivering the right product mix, as a result of which all their stakeholders share the same objectives towards sustainability and quality production.

Private Labeling is the future of consumer products, with an opportunity to even become the category leader as brands (owning private labels) already have access to consumer patterns, insights and preferences that might not be as accessible to FMCG manufacturers.